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 version 1.4 (25 Jun 2012)

This application loads onto the iconbar and provides a conversion from an Acorn URI shortcut, an ANT URL shortcut, or a plain text file - dragged from, say, NetSurf's URL bar - to an Internet Explorer shortcut.

Thus, if you find something in NetSurf that doesn't work too well - perhaps because it uses JavaScript - you can quickly process the URL/URI into a form that LanMan will transfer sensibly to your 'Windows' machine.

Just drag the text or URL/URI filer icon to the application's iconbar icon, when a save box will appear that you can drag anywhere you choose, including a LanMan filer window.

This will be a useable Internet Explorer shortcut with the file extension '.url' and the name Shortcut and a postpended number - unless you choose to alter this default (recommended!), or a name derived from the filename you dragged.

The program itself adds the extension to your chosen name, and whilst there is a pretty icon to drag to your chosen destination, the filetype under RISC OS will be Text.

Any text file will be parsed until a url is found, and the program will complain if there isn't one present.

Note that the filename field shown is a plain name (for your convenience) and that the extension is added by renaming in the filer window. The Text icon is used as this avoids difficulties with LanMan adding the filetype to the name.

Note also that (at least here!), LanMan won't overwrite an existing shortcut of the same name.

The program can remember the previous filepath for your convenience, and even has an 'auto' mode which saves you fiddling about with save boxes if you're always saving to the same place.

Providing OmniClient has been 'seen' by the filer, a right-click will now load OmniClient and mount a directory if this has previously been specified in auto-mode.

The program uses the excellent DrWimp library to achieve its multitasking.

Download from here (62 850 bytes)